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Dr. Joxel Garcia & Krishnan Suthanthiran receive Power of One Award

The Patcha Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-for profit Organization, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 CASEC awards to be presented during the 5th Annual CASEC Awards Event Fundraising Gala.  The event will take place at the Homewood Suites, 7531 Montpelier Rd., Laurel, MD

The Award Event & Gala, organized by the Patcha Foundation for Saturday October 29 2016, is an opportunity to recognize those that have contributed directly or indirectly to the Cancer Awareness & prevention, Screening, Early detection and Care (CASEC) initiatives as we celebrate 5 years of CASEC.  The foundation will also present on the CASEC Medical Mission that took place in Bana / Banka, Bangnagte / Bangoulap Cameroon in June 2016 where over 5000 people were served.  The Patcha Foundation will conclude the glamorous evening's activities by reveaingl the locations for the 2015 Medical Mission.

During the event, Dr. Joxel Garcia and Mr. Krishnan Suthanthiran will each receive the "Power of One Award" that recognizes the Power of One individual or group to impact tangible change in the health of whole communities through determination and the will to serve.

Sylvie Bello and Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu will each receive the "Youth Advocacy Award" that recognizes a young individual who stands out as a voice for a new generation and who is using their platform to empower youth to address health care and other socio-cultural issues.

Others, including His Majesty, Yonkeu Jean-Marie, Chief of Bangoulap and His Majesty, Sikam Happy V, Chief of Bana will receive the "CASEC Catalyst Award" for inspiring positive health change through CASEC initiatives in African communities in the diaspora and on the continent.  Chief Yonkeu Jean and Chief Sikam Happy V were major sponsors of the 2016 medical mission.

In 4 years, the Patcha Foundation has provided care to over 17000 people.

About The Michael & Mauritia Patcha Foundation
The Patcha Foundation is a not-for-profit organization in Silver Spring, Maryland in the United States, working in limited-resource settings in Africa.  Our services are funded mostly through public support.

Our foundation is based on the belief that the community's needs are of the utmost importance.  Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.  We are committed to being the brand of care that makes a difference.  We believe that good health is central to efficient and good living.  Our goal is to reduce the impact of cancer on African communities in the diaspora and on the continent.  Our mission is to contribute effectively and efficiently to the improvement of the community‚Äôs health, focusing on cancer Awareness, Screening, Early detection and Care (CASEC).  Our vision is simply a world without cancer!

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