Best 15p Cyclotron

Best 15p Cyclotron Best™ cyclotron systems are designed for optimum PET imaging compound delivery in hospitals, regional pharmacies and university research centers.  The Best 15p is a cost-effective solution to PET applications that can bring the imaging compound supply closer to the imaging center.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET), combined with computer tomography (PET-CT), has resulted in clear visualization of disease metabolism.  BCS has developed a new low-energy cyclotron system to produce positron emitters used in PET-CT.  The BEST PET 15 system includes a cyclotron, isotope production targetry, synthesis and support equipment matched to the needs of each individual customer.  In keeping with the TeamBest® mission, the BEST PET 15 system is optimum, reliable and cost effective for hospital and regional needs.  Best Cyclotron Systems is a member of the TeamBest® family and heralds the TeamBest® entry into diagnostic discipline support with complete radioisotope production systems to complement Best's 40+ year history of supporting radiotherapy.

The Best 15p is a 15 MeV proton cyclotron.  15 MeV has been selected to offer a significant 18Fluorine production yield with the investment efficiency of small power costs and low initial cost.  As the user moves to other PET radioisotopes, the energy offers adequate production yields of radioisotopes such as 18F (Fluorine) and 64Cu (Copper) with the added benefit of optimized specific activity of the product.  The cyclotron system has a small footprint and can be either installed in its own shielded room with or without local shielding (reduces radiation) or can be shielded with integrated (self) shielding.  These systems are designed for individual hospital or small regional pharmacy use.

External Production Targets

The cyclotron is supplied with two 18F production targets complete with loading and routing to the production hot cell.  Targets for 18F, 11C, 13N, 15O, 64Cu, 124I, 103Pd and 99mTc are available.

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Best 15p Cyclotron
B15p with Local Shielding

Type of Cyclotron

  • Negative hydrogen ion (H-)
  • External ion source, multi-cusp 5 mA
  • Unshielded, local-shielded or self-shielded
  • Simultaneously dual beam extraction
    (multiple foil extraction cartridge)
  • Minimum 4 external targets

Beam Current

  • 400 µA extracted beam current
  • Higher currents available upon request

Beam Energy

  • 15 MeV fixed energy extraction
  • May be reset to any energy level from 6 to 15 MeV


  • Magnet coil:  ˜107 kAT
  • Weight:  ˜14 tons
  • Geometry:  4 sectors

RF System

  • Resonator:  2 Dees
  • Dee Voltage:  40 kV
  • RF frequency:  75 MHz, 4th harmonic
  • Power required:  8 kW (nominal)
  • Energy gain per turn:  160 keV

Vacuum System

  • Base pressure:  <2 x 10−7 Torr
  • Operating pressure:  <1 x 10−6 Torr
  • Pumps:  Cryogenic pump system

Automated Control System

  • Computer system:  Standard PC, Windows−based OS
  • Controllers:  Siemens Industrial PLC Modules
  • User console:  Color monitor
  • Interface:  Graphical user interface
  • Networking:  Standard thin-wire Ethernet hardware