Best 70p Cyclotron

The Best 70p is a 70 MeV proton cyclotron.  The energy provides access to radionuclides produced by (p,xn) reactions and is a research accelerator as well as a radioisotope production cyclotron.  TeamBest® will partner with the end user to create a facility that will satisfy the end user's requirements and provide some of TeamBest's radioisotope supply requirements, together with the opportunity for joint research projects.  Both solid and gas target systems can be added to the Best 70p system.

External Production Targets

The cyclotron is supplied with high current solid target stations and high current gas target stations.

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Best 70p Cyclotron Type of Cyclotron

  • Negative hydrogen ion (H-)
  • External ion source, multi-cusp 15 mA
  • Simultaneous dual beam extraction
    (multiple foil extraction cartridge)
  • Up to 6 beam lines, custom design configuration

Beam Current

  • 700 µA, combined beam current
  • Higher currents available (1000 µA)

Beam Energy

  • 35 to 70 MeV variable energy extraction


  • Magnet coil:  ˜66 kAT
  • Weight:  ˜150 tons
  • Maximum magnetic field:  1.6 T
  • Geometry:  4 sector, deep valley
  • Hill sector angle:  50°
  • Hill gap:  6 to 4.69 cm

RF System

  • Resonator:  2 Dees (separated resonators)
  • Dee Voltage:  60 to 81 kV
  • RF frequency:  56 MHz, 4th harmonic
  • Power required:  20 kW (per resonator)
  • Energy gain per turn:  240 to 300 keV

Vacuum System

  • Base Pressure:  <1 x 10-7 Torr
  • Operating Pressure:  <2 x 10-7 Torr
  • Pumps:  Cryogenic pump system

Automated Control System

  • Computer system:  Standard PC, Windows−based OS
  • Controllers:  Siemens Industrial PLC Modules
  • User console:  Color monitor
  • Interface:  Graphical user interface
  • Networking:  Standard thin-wire Ethernet hardware


Below are photographs of the 70p Cyclotron installed in Legnaro, Italy.
All pictures courtesy of Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro.

B70 Cyclotron Pic 1

B70 Cyclotron Pic 2

B70 Cyclotron Pic 3