About Best Cyclotron Systems

Best Cyclotron Systems, Inc. (BCSI) has been established in Springfield, Virginia, U.S.A., for the design and production of commercial cyclotrons.  The company is a subsidiary of Best Medical International, a company renowned in the field of medical instrumentation and radiation therapy.  Cyclotrons are manufactured and tested at Best Theratronics in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  BCSI is currently focused on five different energy cyclotrons: the 15, 25, 30, 35 and 70 MeV negative hydrogen ion accelerators.

Cyclotron Characteristics

All Best's cyclotrons have room temperature magnets, deep valley design with four radial sectors, two dees in opposite valleys, external ion source and simultaneous beam extraction on opposite lines.  See below for an illustration of our cyclotron models.


The main characteristics of the cyclotron magnets are shown in the following table.  The 30 MeV cyclotron may be upgraded to a 35 MeV.

Energy Extraction Energy Dimensions
(diameter x height)
Weight Electric Power
(*including beam lines)
15 MeV 15 MeV (fixed) 1.7 m x 1.0 m 14 tons 60 kVA
25 MeV 15 to 25 MeV,
20 MeV (fixed)
2.5 m x 1.3 m 30 tons 180 kVA*
30 MeV 30 MeV (fixed) 3.0 m x 1.5 m 50 tons 240 kVA*
35 MeV 15 to 35 MeV 3.0 m x 1.5 m 50 tons 280 kVA*
70 MeV 35 to 70 MeV 4.5 m x 1.7 m 150 tons 325 kVA*

*including beam lines

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