BEST 25p Cyclotron

Best 25p with Targets A cost effective cyclotron system for both PET and SPECT imaging compounds.

Small cyclotrons that produce FDG are designed to take advantage of production reactions that are optimum at low cyclotron energies.  Because of their size, this class of cyclotron is called a “Baby Cyclotron”.  Many Baby Cyclotrons have limitations in energy or intensity for the production of SPECT radioisotopes.  TeamBest® introduced the B25P cyclotron, a mid range cyclotron that is capable of producing commercial quantities of both PET and SPECT radio-compounds.  The output from the B25P is ideal for regional radio-pharmacy applications as well as groups requiring sustained SPECT compound supply.

Shown in the above right pic is a BEST 25 MeV cyclotron with four production targets mounted within their own local shielding.  This configuration allows Fluorine-18 production on two independent targets as well as two additional target stations for SPECT radio-isotope production.  This configuration allows the cyclotron and production targets to be enclosed in a single shielded vault and is cost effective for regional facilities.

As the demand for special radioisotopes increases, a beam line extension can be installed in the shielded vault for dedicated production stations.  This will allow higher production rates when the demand merits with only modest facility changes.

A beam-line to a dedicated shielded area can also be included, as demand increases, by modest changes to the facility (below, left).  The cyclotron vault (below, right) is changed by including a beam line and a separation barrier between the dedicated production target and the rest of the cyclotron area.

Best 25p Cyclotron  Cyclotron Map

Click here to learn about the B25 specifications.  Though no longer in the Baby Cyclotron category, the B25P requires only a modest increase in infrastructure from the smaller PET cyclotron.  The facility construction and operation costs are more in line with Baby Cyclotron facilities that laboratories that support the entire country or more!

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