B-100 Self-Shielded Cyclotron

The B-100 Biomarker Generator is a revolutionary development in radiopharmaceutical production that delivers a single or batch dose of [18F]FDG, and additional advanced [18F] biomarkers, "on demand".  The system provides integration of all components needed to produce and qualify PET biomarkers into a single, self-contained system that occupies a fraction of the space required by conventional solutions, simplifying the implementation of PET.

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Simple Integration

B-100 Cyclotron The B-100 Biomarker Generator integrates a compact mini-cyclotron, kit based micro-chemistry, and automated quality control, simplifying in-house production of [18F]FDG and advanced biomarkers.

  • Compact mini-cyclotron
  • Push button graphic interface
  • Single or batch dose production
  • Capable of producing: 18FDG and Na18F
  • Optionally upgraded to produce: 18F−MISO, 18FLT and 18F−Choline
  • Final dose delivery to syringe or vial (option)
  • Automated quality control testing
  • Integrated self-shielded cyclotron and chemistry module
  • Complete production lab in a 5 x 5 meter area

Economical Solution

The B-100 Biomarker Generator provides a unique, affordable, and powerful alternative to conventional cyclotron solutions.

  • 30m2 area vs 300m2 reduces build-out costs
  • QC automation reduces specialist support
  • 1-2 FTE vs. 4-5 FTE reduces operational costs
  • Lower radiation minimizes regulatory burden