BG-95 Sub-Compact Self-Shielded Cyclotron

BG-95 Cyclotron


  • Low energy (9.5 MeV) compact system, can be placed next to PET/CT
  • Integrated self-shielded cyclotron and chemistry module.
  • Easy to operate push-button graphic interface.
  • Capable of producing: 18FDG, Na18F, 18F−MISO, 18FLT, 18F−Choline, 18F−DOPA, 18F−PSMA, 13N and 68Ga.
  • Ideal for Nuclear Cardiology/Oncology and other Medical Applications.

Novel Target for BG-95 Sub-Compact Self-Shielded Cyclotron

  • Improved and easier clamp design.
  • Improved cooling.
  • Capable of twice the beam current as original design.
  • Increased yield of Radiopharmaceutials per run.
  • New material for better heat transfer.