Best 30p Cyclotron

A cost effective cyclotron system for both PET and SPECT imaging compounds

The Best 30 UPGRADEABLE (B30u) has all the features of the B25p but may be upgraded to a B35p when the user requires additional capability.  The key upgrade feature is that the maximum energy of the B30u as delivered is 30 MeV.  This provides about twice the amount of radioisotope that the B25p delivers.  A production facility based on the B30u is designed to allow modifications for the upgrade to the B35p.

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Best 30p Upgradeable Cyclotron Type of Cyclotron

  • Negative hydrogen ion (H-)
  • External ion source, multi-cusp 5 mA
  • Simultaneous dual beam extraction (multiple foil extraction cartridge)
  • On cyclotron targetry (4 beam lines)
  • Optionally upgraded to a Best 35p

Beam Current

  • 400 µA combined beam current

Beam Line

  • Fixed energy extraction
    • Two 30 MeV beams on either side of the cyclotron
  • Beam transport
    • 30 MeV beams directly onto production target
  • Beam diagnostics
    • 30 MeV beams, use target collimation and isolation

Isotope Production Capabilities

  • Iodine-123 - Low dose imaging agent, replacing I131
  • Iridium-111 - Blood cell labelling
  • Gallium-68 (generator) - Blood-brain barrier integrity, tumor localization
  • Thallium-201 - Myocardium functional assessment
  • Krypton-181m (generator) - Gas for ventilation imaging or in solution for perfusion imaging
  • All isotopes produced by the B15 - including Carbon-11, Nitrogen-13, Oxygen-15, Fluorine-18 (aqueous & gas), Copper-64, Iodine-124, Gallium-67, Technetium-99m and Palladium-103

Best 30p Map Magnet

  • Magnet coil:  ˜101 kAT
  • Weight:  ˜50 tons
  • Geometry:  4 sector, deep valley

RF System

  • Resonator:  2 Dees
  • Dee Voltage:  60 kV
  • RF frequency:  65 MHz, 4th harmonic
  • Power required:  22 kW (nominal)
  • Energy gain per turn:  240 keV

Vacuum System

  • Base Pressure:  <2 x 10−7 Torr
  • Operating Pressure:  <1 x 10−6 Torr
  • Pumps:  Cryogenic pump system

Automated Control System

  • Computer system:  Standard PC, Windows−based OS
  • Controllers:  Siemens Industrial PLC Modules
  • User console:  Color monitor
  • Interface:  Graphical user interface
  • Networking:  Standard thin-wire Ethernet hardware