BEST 30p Cyclotron

Best 28p Cyclotron The Best 30 UPGRADEABLE (B30u) has all the features of the B25 but may be upgraded to a B35 when the user requires additional capability.  The key upgrade feature is that the maximum energy of the B30u as delivered is 30 MeV.  This provides about twice the amount of radioisotope that the B25 delivers.  A production facility based on the B30u is designed to allow modifications for the upgrade to the B35.


  • 30 MeV fixed energy hydrogen (H-) cyclotron
  • External ion source (4 mA DC cusp source)
  • 400 A extracted proton beams
  • 4 target positions
  • Simultaneous double beam extraction
  • B30 may be field upgraded to a B35

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